What happens when I receive a letter saying that my home is going to be foreclosed on the first Tuesday of some month? What can I do to prevent the foreclosure from occurring?


The Law Firm of Min Gyu Kim, PLLC is a Houston Foreclosure Defense Attorneys that can help you resolve your problems today so that you can have a better tomorrow.

What is a foreclosure?

Here in State of Texas, the Texas Property Code specifies the law and procedure about who may and how the foreclosure must be conducted. The ultimate result of the foreclosure is that you as the owner of the home lose your ownership interest in the home and may even end up stuck with the deficiency amount after the foreclosure sale.

How can I stop the foreclosure of my house?

There are many ways to stop a foreclosure on your home. A foreclosure can be stop under the protection provided under both the state laws of Texas or under federal laws. The state law of Texas requires that the foreclosure of your home comply with specific procedure. Any violation of the specified procedure may give you the avenue to stop the foreclosure from going forward.

Alternatively, we can file a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. By filing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, the first thing that occurs is that legal proceedings such as a foreclosure sale must cease or stop. Secondly, we will reorganize all your debts, including your mortgage, on terms that will allow you to get caught up. While you are in the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, the bankruptcy will be your shield against further attempts of foreclosure as long as you are current with your proposed monthly plan.

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Who can file a foreclosure against me?

A foreclosure may be conducted by an entity or lienholder that has an interest or right to your home under the law or a contract that you entered into when you purchased your home, such as a mortgage.

A foreclosure may occur when the homeowner misses or fails to make a payment in relations with their home and the law or contract allows the entity to foreclose your home. The following are examples of who can commence a foreclosure against you:

  • Mortgage lender or servicers of the mortgage lender
  • Homeowners Association (HOA)
  • Property Tax authority


What can I do when my car has been repossessed and I have no other vehicles to get me to my job? Can I get my car back?


We, KimLy Law Firm, are Houston Repossession Defense Attorneys who are here to resolve your problems today so that you can have a better tomorrow.

What is a repossession?

Repossession is when the creditor or financial institution that gave you money to purchase your car takes your car back because you missed a payment.

Who can repossess my car?

Generally, the person or entity that financed your car or ‘creditor’ will send you a notice that you are in default and that they may or may not repossess your car. Once you have missed a payment, you are subject to having your car repossessed.

Credit Card Lawsuit

What do I do if I receive a lawsuit that that states that I have been sued by my credit card company or by an debt collector?


What can I do to stop the lawsuit?

Almost every adult in America own a credit card. We get a credit card because it allows us the flexibility to manage our monthly bills and purchases. However, most of us will encounter circumstantial changes that may prevent us from making the payments on our credit card bills.

Unfortunately, once we enter into a credit card agreement, we are personally liable for the whole amount. Once a credit card company files a lawsuit for the unpaid amount,,the law provides different protections and remedies against the credit card lawsuit.

We can provide you with the different options that you may have against the credit card lawsuit. We will review the lawsuit with you and based on your situation, provide you with options that may be best for you.